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Are you looking for promotional items that reflect your company's image? Come and see us here  PARTNER HEADWEAR CO., LTD.  We have over a decade of industry experience. 

Where Main Brands Source Their Promotional goods 
Warner Brother, BMW, Toyota, Maui&Sons and Ben Sherman are among the main brands place their logos on our innovative products. Browse our catalog for some effective marketing solutions. 

Quality Meeting High Standard 
We know that quality is a primary concern for buyers like you. To assure you of the reliability of our products, we meticulously check them at all levels of production. In order to control production costs, we source materials from our suppliers in mainland China. This enables us to offer you competitive prices. 

Our OEM Services 
We have two modern manufacturing facilities in China. Both are compliant with the World Health Organization's employment and safety Guidelines. We offer a wide range of quality caps, hats and accessories, such as visors as well as knitted beanies and scarves - in a variety of materials. Our current monthly production capacity is 250,000 units. 

Power in R&D 
We understand the importance of product innovation. That's why we support our design projects by reinvesting 5 to 10 percent of our annual sales volume in R&D. This enables us to provide you with new designs each month, as well as regularly refreshing our catalog. 

Contact Us 
Browse our online showroom to see what we have for you and then e-mail us today.